The Project of Building the Government Information System is Under Implementation by R.I.S.K.

The project of building automated information system for the Cabinet of Ministers is now under implementation. The project financed by the EU directed TACIS agency is implemented through the Program of Restructuring the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The contract on designing and implementing the Government Information System to be based in the central office of the Cabinet of Ministers is signed between EU financed program and R.I.S.K. Company, which has been selected as a consultant for the project based on its reach background in the field of application development. It should be emphasized that R.I.S.K. has proved to be a reliable supplier of computer systems and solutions for the government’s economic ministries and agencies and this factor has also been taken into accoung while making the decision on working with R.I.S.K. on this Project. Government Information System will be built based on platforms of the products already implemented by world’s technology leaders for the needs of the U.S. and other Western governments. At this initial stage Project assumes creation and introduction of the Government Information System and connection of the leading government agencies into the System, which should speed up the flow of information between various agencies and improve intra-agency coordination.