Strategy & Mission

Consulting, Development, Implementation and further support of mid-to-enterprise-scale projects are our primary objectives. With great experience and a wide range of services we are ready to handle any level of IT project.

Since its inception, our company has successfully delivered state-of-art solutions to all industries, where the business is mostly driven by IT/ICT. Our solutions portfolio has hundreds of industry proven solutions, which we tailor and integrate into the customer's infrastructure according to requirements, relying on our business-winning consulting service forces.

Reliable IT/ICT infrastructure is a key to success for all customers, especially when the market demand in business continuity and constant availability is moving competition towards the next dimension of customer satisfaction. This is definitely a place for our approach to provide our customers with the highest measurable level of reliability, cost effectiveness and scalability of IT/ICT infrastructure.

Advanced with the latest technology achievements and through international partnerships with world technology leaders R.I.S.K. Company is in the market to provide the most productive and efficient solutions for the corporate clients’ needs with the best return and highest quality, doing this through customers’, suppliers’ and employees’ satisfaction.