Power and Cooling Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) keep your systems up and running in the event of any power problems. Featuring an online double-conversion UPS design, power irregularities such as spikes, surges, brownouts and blackouts are corrected before they are passed on to critical equipment.

As more computing capacity gets packed into smaller footprints, critical facilities are heating up. High Precision Air-Cooling systems adapt to increasing heat loads and provide extra cooling where it is needed. Our active precision cooling solutions provide precise temperature and humidity control as well as air filtration, protecting your critical equipment from heat and air impurities and also employ redundancy to provide fault tolerance and enable service.

Success stories

Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan Republic

Supply and implementation of Power Solution for Datacenter and Monitoring Room

International Business Center

Supply and implementation of Power and Cooling solution

While some companies consider their job done after successful installation, we always go further.

For example, following the commissioning ofpower & cooling solutions R.I.S.K. continues to support the customer during the lifetime of the installed equipments


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