Data Center Solutions

Our Data Center Solutions cover all aspects of IT, security, network facility, electrical and mechanical, architectural, construction, migration/relocation, disaster recovery, operations and maintenance. R.I.S.K. has designed data centers to be as secure as possible against unauthorized access, theft, fire and other physical threats via biometric technologies, CCTV and physical alarm systems. 

It provides the latest biometric technology to restrict physical access not only to your data center but to 
offices, NOC, lab and staging areas. 

Success stories

Bank Respublika

Design and Deployment of Data Center for the entire set of bank’s applications.

Bank of Azerbaijan

Design and Implementation of IT infrastructure for existing business support and accounting applications

We constantly introduce the latest technologies in our business offer.

In the fast paced world of technology advancement this is the only way to remain on the edge of the competition. It is precisely this regular innovation cycle that makes our data centersolutions so successful

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