Integrated Building Solutions

Integrated Building Solutions (IBS) enable integration of disparate communications, security and utilities functions over one simplified and scalable IP network.

This network becomes the information backbone of every building - supporting all the requirements that the occupant of a modern building has. IBS creates an opportunity for cost saving, reduced complexity and long-term environmental sustainability.

As a result, IBS provides a safe, flexible, customized workplace that promotes space efficiency, integrated security, and property management solutions.

Success stories

SOFAZ Tower Intelligent and Integrated Systems

General Construction Company

Globus Plaza (Core Network, CCTV infrastructure, Data Center)

Integrated Building Solutions connect a wide range of systems into a single working ‘organism’.

Central control allows reacting swiftly to emergencies and reducing costs. R.I.S.K.’s ability to unite so many diverse elements under one system sets it apart from other suppliers

Fuad Mammadov
Project Manager

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