Engineering Surveying Solutions

Engineering Surveying represents a complex of land measuring works, performed in a strict succession. In each particular case the succession of the works is defined in accordance with the customer's draft proposal as well as with the consideration of physicogeographical conditions of survey completion.


Airport Survey service is one of the advanced solutions that R.I.S.K. brought to the air navigation market. The key issue in airport survey is that customers have no means to assess and evaluate the results of the survey, the data quality, its completeness, correctness, accuracy. Unlike traditional airport survey providers, R.I.S.K. synergized the survey experience with its IT knowledge thus delivering to customers best ever value, equipping the customers with the means to assess the survey results during the project. As well RISK special software solutions support the customer to trace the lifecycle of the surveyed data from the survey point in the field till its population to an aeronautical databases in ICAO AIXM 5.1 format. Automation of this process eliminates the human factor (error), which is critical for Airport Survey. So the survey is conducted not only as the survey itself in the filed, but also with set of specialized Quality Assurance SW systems that are deployed on the customer site for the whole duration of a survey project. The survey results are also generated automatically from these SW systems in full accordance with ICAO requirements and Eurocontrol’s “Specifications for the Origination of Aeronautical Data”.   

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