Business Technology Optimization Solutions

The cornerstones of Business Technology Optimization Solutions (BTOS) are business value and IT efficiency. They are achieved by focusing on strategic IT initiatives such as business agility, business applications deployment and upgrades, and compliance with specific business outcomes.

We work with technical teams and business users to assess the effectiveness of technology utilization across business and where savings or service improvements can be made. 
Following the analysis, a number of relevant solutions may be offered to optimize business efficiency.

Server and Storage Solutions, Unified Communications and Call Center Solutions, Enterprise IT security solutions, Software application and consulting, Business Continuity Services and Solution are among the solutions that serves optimization of business.

Success stories

SomonCom (Tajikistan)

Infrastructure for GSM billing and ERP applications

Central Election Committee

Election Monitoring System

Frankly, I think what makes our business technology optimisation solutions so effective, is that we have first-class specialists in the regionworking for R.I.S.K.

Murad Tahirov
Software Architect

Infrastructure Support Solutions

Broadband Managed IP Network Solutions

Integrated Building Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Power and Cooling Solutions

Business Continuity Services and Solutions

Unified Communications Solutions

Enterprise IT Security Solutions