Enterprise IT Security Solutions

Our Enterprise IT Security Solutions are built on industry-leading network and endpoint defences that incorporate:

  • Innovative application security
  • Content security policy enforcement
  • Identity management
  • Security monitoring technologies
  • Network security services

By integrating all these tools and applying a systematic approach to information security, R.I.S.K. delivers an end-to-end secure architecture and a comprehensive solution to meet today’s security challenges. With R.I.S.K. Enterprise Security Solutions, you can connect, communicate, and conduct business securely while protecting users, information, applications, and the network.

Success stories

Bank Respublika

Enterprise security infrastructure

Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Web Application Firewall Deployment

Information security moves towards a proactive and predictive approach

In the coming years such instruments as Security Intelligence and Big Data Security Analytics will become ubiquitous. As one of the firstcompanies in the region to promote information security, we continue to deliver most effective solutions

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