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R.I.S.K. GIS Centre was established at the end of 1997 and consists of a professional team – GIS specialists, geographers, mathematicians, developers, field survey specialists. Key specialists in the R.I.S.K. GIS Centrewith many year of experience in the area of GIS and Engineering Survey, remote sensing and photogrammetry, geography.

R.I.S.K. GIS Centre - aims at providing high-quality, high-technology GIS service that responds to the most demanding customer requirements and complies with the highest world standards.

R.I.S.K. GIS Centre cooperates with organizations of different level and status, Azerbaijani and foreign, state and private, local and governmental, in the area of GIS development and application.

R.I.S.K. Company offers complex services in the field of engineering surveying. The company performs all kinds of geodesic works, starting with engineering surveying execution at the stage of construction/reconstruction project preparation and ending with executive geodesic survey performance and constructions/structures deformation monitoring. Engineering Surveying is performed by a specialized “Engineering Survey” group at GIS Center of R.I.S.K. Company since 2004.

Engineering Surveying represents a complex of land measuring works, performed in a strict succession. In each particular case the succession of the works is defined in accordance with the customer’s draft proposal as well as with the consideration of physico-geographical conditions  of survey completion.

Engineering Surveying works include geodetic, topographical, aerial, stereophotogrammetric,  engineering-hydrographic, alignment works, geodetic static observations, cadastral and other specialized works  and researches, as well as geodetic works in the process  of construction, exploitation and demolition of enterprises, buildings and structures.

The outputs of engineering-surveying activity are  surveying materials and data about situation and relief of an area, existing buildings and constructions (ground-based, underground and overhead), elements of designs etc.

The study subjects of Engineering Surveying are relief and situation within the range of a construction  site, at the particular construction site or alignment factors influencing the choice of either design solution.

Structure and volume of Engineering Surveying  works are defined by customer’s technical requirements, on the basis of which a works program with implementation schedule of specific works is made, reporting timelines, as well as financial estimates are prepared.

Engineering Surveying works include:

  • Past engineering surveying materials collection, their study and processing; terrain study;
  • Development or densification  of geodetic networks (horizontal and vertical control networks);
  • Topographical survey of objects; updating of topographical (engineering-topographical) maps in traditional and digital variations;
  • Stake out of designed data, construction of cross and  longitudinal sections of various alignments, determination of coordinates of constructions primary  members and outward measures of buildings, geodetic monitoring of buildings and structures deformations etc.

The results of engineering survey are one of the main factors influencing the choice of either design solution.

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