Air Navigation Applications Development Team Headed By Firdowsy Jalilov Acquired the Status of Department in the Frame of the R.I.S.K. Company Structure

Beginning mid-1990 R.I.S.K. Company started specialization in different activities, particularly in the development of promising direction of air navigation. First applications successfully installed in this segment were: En-route charts, Digital aerodrome charts, Aerodrome’s GIS and Air navigation Plan “AnPlan” (the system for charting purposes).

In mid-2001 the development group within R.I.S.K. Company’s GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Department commenced development of a new-generation software PANDA (Procedures for Air Navigation - Design and Analysis). After 3 years the system was installed for air navigation procedure design in Latvia’s Air Navigation Information Service. Commentary of current and potential users of the system can be found at the product’s website

This product and its future support and improvements became primary reason of developers’ segmentation into the individual unit in the R.I.S.K. structure.

Currently, R.I.S.K. is taking active steps to expand commercial and professional cooperation in air navigation within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Eastern European countries, specifically by rendering direct and full-fledged assistance to air navigation services of these countries in transiting to ICAO standards and recommended practice. AAD’s short-term plans include issues of area navigation and integrity of air navigation data. The department is striving to create a controlled chain of processing and transfer of air navigation information from obtaining source geodetic data to publication of designed procedures and charts in conventional AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) and as a set of electronic data in EAD (European Aeronautical Database) and electronic AIP.