Kazakhstan Air Navigation Agency chooses software products of R.I.S.K. Company

R.I.S.K. Company became a winner of the tender announced by the "Kazaeronavigatsia" State Enterprise of the Kazakhstan Republic and signed a Contract for delivery and putting in operation of the package of multimode aeronautical software products composed on the base of R.I.S.K Company’s PANDA software technology.

The solution is a unified automated system of flight design procedures, development of cartographic charts, their publication and implementation. The solution fully complies with the requirements of international regulatory organizations (ICAO and EuroControl).

Kazakhstan became the fourth country in the world after Latvia, Azerbaijan and Estonia successfully implementing PANDA software solutions. The software innovations R.I.S.K. Company introduces aims to provide effective realization of aeronautical tasks of the "Kazaeronavigatsia" State Enterprise. The detailed information on the PANDA family of products is available on the web site dedicated to these products www. pandanavigation.com