R.I.S.K Company becomes LUCIAD partner

LUCIAD, a world expert in real-time situational awareness geospatial software components, and R.I.S.K Company have signed a partnership agreement. The agreement allows R.I.S.K Company to include LUCIAD products into all of R.I.S.K Company’s product portfolio. This new partnership will help R.I.S.K. Company to continue providing to its enterprise customers in both public and private sectors with the innovative solutions empowered by LUCIAD’s  GIS platform.  




LUCIAD’s software components are designed for the creation of applications that tackle a range of tasks, from top-level strategy to tactical detail and mission planning to operations debriefing. By connecting directly to data sources, LUCIAD’s software not only analyzes and visualizes what is happening now, but also helps predict what will happen next – allowing users to act quickly and safely.


About R.I.S.K.


R.I.S.K. Company is a multifunctional organization, oriented in a provision of the solutions in IT-consultancy, System integration, IT-Outsourcing, Application Development and Geographical Information Systems. R.I.S.K. Company’s solutions are advanced tools to ensure the optimization of business practices addressing the effectiveness and efficiency of customer operations