R.I.S.K. Company has been granted Dell Premier Partner Status.

R.I.S.K. Company announced it has become the Dell Premier Partner, earning required competencies. As a Dell Premier Partner, R.I.S.K. Company gains expertise in hardware, software and services that help eliminate IT complexity for customers and help create greater efficiencies.

R.I.S.K. Company became the first company to bring Dell’s Premier Partner status to Azerbaijan. Currently, in CIS there are only a few companies in Russia and Ukraine that hold Premier Partner status.

Dell Premier Partner status demonstrates the results of successful cooperation of Dell and R.I.S.K. Company and the highest level of expertise in Dell solutions and services.

Dell Premier Partner status allows R.I.S.K. Company to promote Dell solutions more effectively as in local as well as in the regional markets and provide the most productive and efficient solutions for corporate customers with  the best return and highest quality.