R.I.S.K. Company is Authorized Prometric Testing Centre

In Order to keep abreast with the changing technology; professionals are required to take certification or licensing exams. For now these tests can be taken as R.I.S.K.’s Authorized VUE Testing Center as well at R.I.S.K.’s Authoriting Prometric Testing Center recently opened, which are both computer based testing centers.

New Testing Centers offers a variety of certification exams and besides Microsoft, Novell è Cisco exams available through VUE now you can conveniently register to take as well 3Com, Adobe, Cabletron, Canon, Lotus, Compaq, Computer Associates, Epson, HP, IBM, Intel, Inprise, Network Associates, Nortel, Oracle, SCO, Silicon Graphics, Sun, Sybase, Symantec as well many other exams.

You will be given an instant on-screen report and printout showing your overall pass/fail score and section results as soon as you complete the exam. Your test results will automatically be forwarded to the vendor after the exam is taken. You do not need to forward the results yourself, although you should keep a copy of all test verification results for your records. If you do not pass the exam, you may re-register for the exam through Sylvan Prometric and pay the testing fee again.

Most exams are closed book and you may not have any printed material, computers, pagers, cell phones or scientific calculators with you during the exam. If an exam is open book, printed supplements are available. The exams are administered on a computer and are made up of either true/false, multiple choice and/or multiple answer questions. Exams vary in length.