R.I.S.K. is the winner of WB tender for National Deposistary Center

Monday, October 15, 2001 come to the effect between RISK has signed a contract with National Depositary Center on modernization of National Depositary and building it's Information Infrastructure.

Long ago the Government of Azerbaijan Republic in cooperation with World Bank have decided to organize a series of bids in order to help automate country's financing structure management and some of the bids are already realized. By May 31, 2001 the Modernization of National Depositary Center bid has been proclaimed.

The main targets have been implementation of protected system management, depositary operations, workflow, analytic reports creation, high-tech equipment and storage systems supply.

The bidders were: Kollbourne (UK), Compaq Russia (Russia), Watco (USA), Marco (Azerbaijan), Genel (Azerbaijan), R.I.S.K. (Azerbaijan), Azel (Azerbaijan), HetNet (Russia), BakNet (Azerbaijan).

According to the bid results R.I.S.K. has declared as winner supplying high-tech equipment and software of IBM Corporation and also own software applications.

This project has to be completed before the end of this year.