R.I.S.K. to upgrade NBA™s network infrastructure using Cisco technologies

These operations will be performed in accordance with NBA’s networking infrastructure reconstruction tender officially summarized July 13. Azeri IT-company is supplying and installing networking and peripheral equipment for the bank. R.I.S.K., Cisco’s authorized partner in Azerbaijan, is going to upgrade National Bank of Azerbaijan’s networking infrastructure using Cisco technological innovations.

The contract enables NBA upgrade and expand its networking infrastructure, improve its architecture and raise the effectiveness of it operation. During the upgrade the bank’s networking equipment will be replaced with Cisco Catalyst 6500 family-based solutions.

The uniform new generation solution will be implemented throughout the bank to transit its networking structure to more functional and flexible platform to provide high level of interaction and data exchange effectiveness, as well as good security and reliability.

Thanks to Cisco solutions scalability, further expansion and network upgrade simplifies greatly to allow the bank easily tailor its information resources to meet increasing business-tasks. R.I.S.K.-built network provides most effective use of banks active resources.