Seminar Day of DELL/EMC Corporative Solutions Held in Baku

On January 18, 2007 a seminar – “Day of DELL/EMC Corporative Solutions” has been held in Baku. The joint meeting was organized by DELL Corporation, EMC Company, and R.I.S.K. Company. 

Anar Aligioulov, the head of R.I.S.K, marked the stable growth in the interest customers shows to products and solutions offered by DELL. He said that DELL has been the strategic partner of R.I.S.K. for many years, and that al the experience obtained from the company strengthened the confidence in great perspectives of the further successful partnership. DELL solutions have been repeatedly involved by R.I.S.K. in the implementation of largest regional projects. 

Oleg Jukov, the regional director of DELL CIS, gave a presentation about the activity of the DELL, sale volumes, and told about new products that the company offers. During the seminar, the participants were presented with last generations of servers and data storage systems, as well as the full spectrum of products DELL and EMC can offer. 

In his report, Dmitry Grinko, Enterprise product group manager DELL, told about solutions with applying DELL equipment, presented information about new models of DELL servers, including those which are based upon AMD processors. 

Tim Bird, Enterprise storage business manager DELL/EMC (EM-EMEA), told in details about the wide spectrum of server production of DELL|EMC, as well as its new refreshed possibilities. The objective of the seminar was to introduce representatives of state organizations, banks, financial institutions, ministries, and agencies of the country with practical solutions offered by R.I.S.K., which are based upon DELL and EMC technologies.