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The document management of large organization is usually fulfilled by special services (administrative department, chancery, secretariat or corporate department). These services are responsible for the receipt and registration of documents, their transference among the departments, fixation of resolution, control over the execution of documents (resolutions) and their delivery to external instances, that is the organization and management of document flows.

Why Document Management?

Traditional technology of document management implies the presence of registration  books and files of control documents that are available only for officers, dealing with the registration and control of execution. This technology has some fundamental restrictions:

  • The information about the documents and the process of their execution is spread over the file system of the organization and its structural divisions. In order to obtain information about the activity of the organization, it is necessity to search and process data from manifold and decentralized sources.
  • The files of documents are generally isolated from executor files. The files often contain incomplete and inoperative information about the state of documents. Numerous additional books and files, which mainly copy one another, are kept along with copying and transference of a great number of paper documents.
  • The aforementioned problems are significantly deteriorated in the territorially distributed management system, where it is necessary to coordinate the activity of organizationally independent remote structures.

Targets & Benefits

In this view, there is a proposal to create the document management system that would be one of the core components for E-document. The purposes of the system application will include:

  • Acceleration of document processing, delivery of documents to executors and their coordination with the managers of different levels. 
  • Control over the safety of the entire flow of documents not only during the registration of incoming and outgoing documents, but also in process of their circulation among the officers of various departments of the organization.
  • Creation of standard schemes of document circulation within the organization and target schemes, aimed at the settlement of a specific current task; Control over the deadlines of each stage of the said scheme.

In order to attain the said goals, it is necessary to ensure the functions of the E-document system that would help develop and register documents, trace the circulation of documents within the organization, control execution deadlines, archive documents and conduct their search in the archive. At the same time, the system must:

  • Take into account possible rise in the number of process documents and the growing volume of archive, that is the system must be capable of changing its scales; 
  • Be efficient to ensure the quick simultaneous operation of a large number of users and to provide an operative search of documents by the set parameters in the whole file reservoir;
  • Provide confidentiality, required by the organization.

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